I sold my shoes on the bus home =)

I am quite chuffed to have a good trading utilty on my phone, I have a 6600, At setup I noticed it asked me for my phone number, username and email, however the usermanual said all of these things were optional.

After I told it what country I was in, I could start to add locations, and browse for things around there. Most of the searchs came back empty, I hope it will pick up.

I took a photo of my shoes and submitted them for $200 =), I could then find them again by browsing, I noticed the pictures were only downloaded when needed, and then cached. phew!

After activating with my code I now have this neat history of all my searches so I can easily rerun them. I have also upgraded the application several times to find some other cool features such as after you email someone you get a little icon so you dont email them again.

All in all I found it pretty hard to setup and configure, talks to the network alot, but works so beutifully well. Very interested to track and use this one over the next years. Then it could follow me around the world.

When can you add auction and bidding features?