1. Introduction
  2. Browse and Buy
    1. Item Description
    2. Price
    3. Display Best Results
    4. Order by price, date, or proximity
    5. Proximity Search
    6. Location
    7. Viewing Results
      1. Zooming in on an Item
      2. Contact a Seller
  3. Sell and Exchange
    1. Item Name
    2. Item Description
    3. Price Wanted
    4. Expiration
    5. Fields
      1. Adding
      2. Deleting
    6. Add Photos
    7. Location
  4. Your Location
    1. Select a Location
    2. Adding a new Location
      1. Lookup Location
        1. PostCode
        2. Area/City
        3. State
      2. Location Results
  5. Setup
    1. Your Mobile Number
    2. Username Password
    3. Email
    4. ScrollSpeed
    5. Country
  6. Device Support
please report bugs to bugzilla at
  1. Introduction
  2. Now the power of private mobile commerce is in the hands of millions of people, you can experience that freedom to search for accessories for your house, car, computer, phone and lifestyle. You can also take advantage of selling your extra goods, by taking photos of them and advertising them from your mobile.

  3. Browse and Buy
  4. Trawl through screeds and masses of classified items effortlessly with accuracy enhancing search criteria

    1. Item Description
    2. Enter here keywords that you would expect to be in the items title or description for example you do not need to include operator such as and/or e.g. "uni bike"

    3. Price
    4. Choose Around/At Least/At Most and enter a price around will find an item +/- 10% of the price you enter

    5. Display Best Results
    6. Select here how many results you want to flood onto the screen

    7. Order by price, date, or proximity
    8. You can order matching things by cheapest first, most recent and the closest geographic

    9. Proximity Search
    10. If you wish to restrict your search to surrounding suburbs only then choose a value here in either kilometer or miles.

    11. Location
    12. Then choose a location from the location list or add a new location if the one you want is not there .Please see section Your Location for more information on this.

    13. Viewing Results
    14. If there are any items on our server which match your query they will be displayed here, For items you have already contacted, they will be hilighted in yellow.

      1. Zooming in on an Item
      2. If you see an add that looks good and you want to see the photos select the item and press view

      3. Contact a Seller

        When you want to know more about a thing or want to make a cash offer or an exchange offer then press contact. The classifieds application will then send the seller via sms. The seller will then contact you via phone, sms or email.

  5. Sell and Exchange
  6. Quickly turn your unwanted domestic goods into cash. Publish full color photos and searchable descriptions of your goods on a location based search engine. Once you have selected your location you will receive a thank you message. "Thanks for your thing"

    1. Item Name Title
    2. Enter the title of the item, this will be used to view the item so it should be short and sweet

    3. Item Description
    4. Enter a lengthy description of your goods, the better and more specific your description the quicker your item will sell

    5. Price Wanted
    6. Enter the approximate price you are looking for

    7. Advert expiration
    8. If your item will sell quickly and you dont want an SMS flood choose a shorted expiration time. If the item is selling slowly then increase the expiration time

    9. Fields
    10. You can easily specify more information about your item by using predefined field.

      1. Adding a field
      2. Choose the field you want to add and select Add Field. This will create a new text box with the name of the field. Move to the new field and enter a value.

      3. Deleting a field
      4. Focus on the field you want to delete and select Delete Field. This will delete the field.

    11. Add Photos
    12. If you phone has a camera on it then you can take as many pictures of the item as you want

    13. Location
    14. Enter your approximate location so people can include you in their geographic search. N.B. this information is never displayed to browsers

  7. Your Location
  8. During buying or selling you need to provide an approximate location of the yourself. This helps the search enging narrow the results

    1. Select a Location
    2. If you have favourite locations then select one from here or add a new location

    3. Adding a new Location
    4. Add a new favourite location

      1. Lookup Location
      2. Enter the postcode and state or the area and state

        1. PostCode
        2. Some databases support postcodes and zipcodes some dont (yet) Specify this here if you know it.

        3. Area/City
        4. You can enter the area township or suburb here, you can enter partial strings like %beth will return Elizabeth bay

        5. State
        6. You can enter abbreviations here if they are in the database such as NY (New York) and NSW (New South Wales)

      3. Location Results
      4. Here are the results of your location search - If you see your location select Add and you will be taken back to the location list otherwise select Back and you will be taken back to the location search form.

  9. Setup
    1. Your Mobile Number
    2. You can provide a mobile number is you intend to sell items, this is how people can contact you with SMS

    3. Username Password
    4. You dont need anything in here unless you have a high use corporate account

    5. Email
    6. If you specify your email address here then you can send items to your

    7. ScrollSpeed
    8. The location list and result list scroll lines of text that are longer than the width of the screen. You can change the speed here.

    9. Country
    10. You must tell your phone which country database to use - a list will appear here of countries that we support. When you change the country, the classifieds will contact the server and transmit the locale language pack and other country specific settings. It will default to the country reported by your phone (maybe). If your country or language is not yet supported then please email support at and I will put is up right away and get the translations done for you.

  10. Device Support
  11. please see the device support page